Frequenlty asked questions

  • 1. What is is paying image hosting. The website allows users to earn money thanks to the viewed images, which they uploaded. Using this website as an user and as an uploader is completely free.

  • 2. How can I earn money with

    The more "paid views" you have, the more you earn. You get $5 (depending on a tier) for 1000 unique views of your image.

  • 3. What is a tier?

    Tier is a group of countries, for the views of which you get a particular pay rate for 1000 unique views.

    for example:

    Tier A ($5 per 1000 unique views): USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zeland.
    Tier B (1$ per 1000 unique views): Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France.

    It means that if you have 1000 views from USA, you earn 5$. If your images are viewed by 1000 unique persons from Austria, you additionally earn 1$. You earn 6$ in total.

  • 4. What are "paid views"? For what kind of views I will be paid?

    We pay for a view from 1 unique IP for 24 hours. For our system it is one calendar day. So, when your image will be viewed (from the same IP address) on Monday at 23:59 PM and on the next day Tuesday at 00:01 AM you will be paid for these both views.
    The user must go to the page of the image where advertisements are displayed.
    It is not paid for viewing only thumbnails.
    The user must click on the window that appears before loading a image in max 60 seconds.
    The user must have JavaScript enabled (in order to open the window mentioned above).
    The user must have cookies enabled in their browser.
    The user must not have adblock enabled in their browser.

  • 5. What are "views"?

    Refreshing the page of an image, which did not fulfil the above conditions.

  • 6. Do you accept the images "Adult"?

    Yes, we do.

  • 7. Do you accept the images family safe (non adult)?

    Yes, we do.

  • 8. How much can I earn?

    The more views that comply with the conditions of paragraph 4 you have, the more you earn.

  • 9. Is hotlink allowed?

    Only a hotlink of a thumbnail that at the same time is a link to the page with the image is allowed.

  • 10. A forum/other website where I want to add images does not accept your website , what should I do?

    Inform us by support: link we will certainly contact the administrator of the forum and ask for acceptance.

  • 11. Do you block the content for users with adblock?

    No. The users with adblock may display the images of our service in their browser, but it does not count as "paid views".

  • 12. How long does it take to update stats?

    Stats are updating in max. 90 seconds.

  • 13. Do you allow traffic from social media websites (facebook, twitter, reddit, etc)?

    Yes, we do. Most images hostings websites do not allow this. We allow traffic from social media websites (facebook, twitter, reddit, etc.). We also allow traffic from all sources as long as they are real visitors.

  • 14. Do you allow using link shorteners (most image hostings do not allow)?

    Yes, we do.

  • 15. Which methods of gaining views are not allowed and result in suspension or ban as well as non-payment of earnings?

    autosurf, traffic exchange, bots, proxies, hitleap like webistes, auto-refreshes, and similar,
    generating traffic by using hidden frames,
    gaining views using PTC,

  • 1. What rules should I respect?

    All rules are set out in our: Terms of service

  • 2. Why my account has been banned?

    You have violated one of our terms.

  • 1. How many images can I have on my account?

    No limit.

  • 2. How many folders can I have on my account?

    No limit.

  • 3. How many images can I upload at once?


  • 4. What kind of formats are acceptable?


  • 5. How long are the images stored at your server?

    As long as we exist.

  • 6. How much transfer limit can I use?

    No limit.

  • 7. Why my images have been removed?

    You have violated one of our terms from our Terms of service.

  • 1. What form of payment is available?

    PayPal, Payza, Webmoney

  • 2. How much money do I have to have in order to withdraw some?


  • 3. How soon will I get money?

    Maximum of 72h after withdrawal request. But we do everything to make a payment in less than a few hours.

  • 1. Do you respect the rules of DMCA?

    Yes. If you are an agent of DMCA inform us here: Click here to report DMCA violation If the uploaded images break the rules of DMCA, they are removed.

  • 2. Is copyright content allowed?

    No, it is strictly prohibited. If we receive a notification on copyright we will check it in max. 48 hours. If it is justified, the image will be removed from the server.

  • Still have a question?

    Contact us here.