Terms of service

Introduction. What is hosty.se?

hosty.se is paying image hosting. The website allows users to earn money thanks to the viewed images, which they uploaded. Using this website as an user and as an uploader is completely free.


Uploader - a person with registered account, who can upload images and earn money thanks to their viewing.

User - a person, who visits the page hosty.se but is not registered.

Paid view - unique view for which a uploader gets money. More details in paragraph 3.

View - refreshing the page of an image, which did not fulfil the conditions from paragraph 3.

Image - file in format JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, which has been uploaded on the page by a uploader.

hosty.se terms of service

0. An uploader may request withdrawing money if they earned at least $3. After such request, they get money within maximum days.

1. Adult and family safe images are allowed.

2. The following methods of gaining views result in suspension or ban as well as non-payment of earnings.

autosurf, traffic exchange, bots, proxies, hitleap like webistes, auto-refreshes, and similar,

generating traffic by using hidden frames,

gaining views using PTC,

3. What kind of views are paid (so-called paid views)

We pay for a view from 1 unique IP for 24 hours. For our system it is one calendar day. So, when your image will be viewed (from the same IP address) on Monday at 23:59 PM and on the next day Tuesday at 00:01 AM you will be paid for these both views.
The user must go to the page of the image where advertisements are displayed.
It is not paid for viewing only thumbnails.
The user must click on the window that appears before loading a image in max 60 seconds.
The user must have JavaScript enabled (in order to open the window mentioned above).
The user must have cookies enabled in their browser.
The user must not have adblock enabled in their browser.

4. hosty.se reserves the right to remove images, that affect the safety of the server, the owners of the website or may cause trouble. hosty.se is not responsible for lost images or URL of images.

5. The following images cannot be uploaded:

images that violate copyrights of any entity. This includes not only images protected by copyright but also those to which a uploader is not entitled, what concerns both using and distributing,

images which intend to harass a person or group of people,

images that are illegal and/or violate international media distribution rights,

images depicting child pornography. Uploaders having such files will be immediately banned, all their images removed, and earnings cancelled.

These rules also apply to images of the animals abuse.

6. hosty.se reserves the right to change the rates of pay for 1000 views without warning and at any time.

7. hosty.se is not responsible for delays in payments. hosty.se pays only when all the views, which a uploader gained, will be approved by the service staff are as accurate (not breaking the paragraph 2 and fulfilling the paragraph 3).

8. hosty.se reserves the right to obtain information from the user concerning the source of traffic, and only after such verification, the payment will be made.

9. hosty.se reserves the right to ban or suspend the account and cancel earnings of all users who do not abide by the rules set out in "Terms of Service"

10. These "Terms of service" are subject to change in any moment with a clear warning to users (via email or blog or our twitter). By using hosty.se, user agrees not to involve hosty.se in any type of lawsuit or counter suit if hosty.se or any third party proceeds to take legal action against user for violations of these Terms of Service. hosty.se directs full legal responsibility of the contents of the files that are uploaded to hosty.se to individual users.

11. hosty.se is not responsible for the content of any uploaded files, or is it in affiliation with any entities that may be represented in the uploaded files as images are uploaded by users.

12. Stats are updating in max. 90 seconds.

13. We allow traffic from social media websites (facebook, twitter, reddit, etc.). We also allow traffic from all sources as long as they are real visitors.

14. We allow the use of URL shorteners by our users (most image hostings do not allow this).